Sakonnet’s business philosophy is to place clients first and develop solutions that respond quickly to their needs. We have developed Xenon®, a complete energy trading application, to do just that.

Xenon is the ideal platform for running a profitable, tightly-controlled trading operation. Customers can set their processes and controls at every stage: from pre-trade analysis to final settlement.

As an underlying neutral application Xenon can capture trades in power, natural gas, crude oil, refined products and emissions credits – along with interest rate and FX hedges. It covers exchange and OTC instruments for these markets, including financial and physical forwards and options, and capacity and transmission trades.

Sakonnet delivers Xenon as a service, not a shrink wrapped package. The ability to be deployed over the Internet or a corporate Intranet as a distributed, scalable, reliable and secure solution is integral to its design.

Xenon is offered under multi-year leases accompanied by service level agreements. Instead of the hefty upfront fees of conventional licensing models, our clients receive advanced technology and guaranteed service at fixed quarterly rates. Regular, zero-touch upgrades and new functionality keep them ahead of the game at no extra cost.

At Sakonnet we believe in focusing on core strengths. Our hosted solution enables our customers to concentrate on trading energy rather than supporting IT. For the same reason Xenon is integrated with market-leading analytics, credit risk management, and other software from our technology partners. We don’t direct our resources to re-inventing the wheel. We focus them on our clients.

Please download the brochure (PDF) on Xenon Architecture and Deployment by clicking on the image below:

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