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Sakonnet Technology Releases Xenon 5.3

London/New York, October 2011 – Sakonnet Technology announced today the release of Xenon 5.3. This release provides new functionality for front, middle and back office users, with a particular focus on making daily tasks easier and more streamlined in the system. Sakonnet continues to invest in the product to meet its clients' needs.

"We’ve made enhancements across our full user base to ensure continued improvements to daily workflows and changes for trade booking and settlement. Additionally, we've completed the migration of the last system functions to the new optimized technology platform. The product and team is now ready to focus on new features. You will see exciting new modules in Xenon 5.4." said Philip Renton, VP of Consulting and Head of Product Management.

XenonTM, Sakonnet’s technical platform, covers financial and physical deal capture, position and risk reporting, including credit and Value at Risk ("VaR"), and straight-through trade processing, from confirmations to deal settlement. Real-time electronic links are made to other corporate applications and external systems.

"We continue to invest in our platform and have a solid foundation to work from", said Alarik Myrin, Sakonnet's Chief Technology Officer. "Our software development process is mature and can produce quality code quickly. Our clients will see the benefits in their operations."

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About Sakonnet Technology
Sakonnet Technology is full service consulting and technology firm focused on trading and risk management solutions in the natural gas, crude oil, power and commodity markets. Sakonnet's consultants provide practical advice on best practice implementation frameworks and have held senior roles at international investment banks, energy and technology companies.

Sakonnet is also the developer of XenonTM, an advanced technology platform specifically designed for trading and risk management. The company is privately-held and has operations in New York, London, Rio de Janeiro and Beijing.

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