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Large Dutch Client Goes Live with Xenon 5

London, April 3, 2009 - Sakonnet Technology (www.sknt.com), a leading provider of European energy trading and risk systems announced today that a large Dutch client successfully went live with Xenon 5, the newly upgraded platform using Oracle 10g.

“This was one of the smoothest mission critical projects of this scale that we have executed. The newest version of Xenon allows our client’s pan European power and gas traders to instantly access their positions and P&L using the new Quickview Dashboard technology. This is saving valuable time for our key users who can respond quicker to changes in the market. Xenon 5 can scale much better with the growing technology demands especially around risk reporting. Our client has historically been very demanding on technology and Xenon 5 exceeds their expectations. Their management team is very pleased with the results of this project and the new Xenon platform gives them further confidence in our abilities,” said Peter Loeffler, CFO of Sakonnet Technology.

“Our client is very aggressive in the breadth of markets they want to operate in. The latest version of Xenon will comfortably support their growing trading business. We invested heavily in the performance, scalability and stability of the product to ensure we could keep pace with our client’s growth ambitions. Xenon 5 is able to support their massive portfolios without compromising the performance required by demanding traders, risk managers and operations personnel,” said Philip Renton, VP of Consulting at Sakonnet Technology.

“Our goal with Xenon 5 was to ensure we moved to a more scalable platform, deliver higher performance and ultimately offer greater value to our clients. Xenon 5 runs on less hardware and has been optimized specifically for Oracle 10g. We take full advantage of Oracle’s capabilities to further enhance the performance for the largest power portfolios. The performance of end-of-day processing is now 3X faster under the new platform. We believe we achieved performance levels not seen by our peers,” said Alarik Myrin, CTO of Sakonnet Technology.

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